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The Ampsa ADW can control the fundamental-frequency terminations presented to a transistor, as well as the second-harmonic and the third-harmonic terminations. The ADW can match targets obtained with load-pull measurements, but the focus is usually on controlling the intrinsic load terminations. The transistor modeling features in the ADW are designed to give you access to the intrinsic reference plane. If you want to design a linear power amplifier and you cannot afford load-pull equipment or a harmonic-balance simulator, or if a non-linear model is not available for a transistor yet, the ADW will get you on your way.

Licensing is flexible, with 60-day or annual subscription options, as well as permanent licenses. On-line training can also be provided. 


Version 22 (Build 14580) of the Amplifier Design Wizard has been released. The ADW now has a ribbon interface with context categories, tabbed views and a quick access toolbar. Use the new harmonic trapping features, the extended optimization features and the new tuning features to extract the best performance from a transistor.

Ampsa Synthesis Software

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